It can send single SMS or entire contact lists with one click
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UltraSMS is a business-like solution for sending SMSs from your PC. There are applications for the end-user to do this, and they usually work well. However, companies tend to need different features that are not needed on end-user applications. UltraSMS is one of those business applications. It allows individuals to send short text messages (SMS) to operators worldwide. That means that you can send an SMS to someone's cell phone even when you are in another country from the comfort of an application on your computer. Usually, you can go to the website of the carrier and send the message from there, but many other features are not accessible. I can think of the most important one off the top of my head: mass sending. That is a must for this kind of application. UltraSMS also allows many types of content to be sent from the application. Audio, video, ringtones, wallpapers, photos, etc can be sent directly from your computer. Did I say this application is free? So, if you need to send SMSs, check out the list of the supported carriers on the website.

José Fernández
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